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Re: Reserving space for mail on /var

On (22/06/04 11:42), Shri Shrikumar wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have a quick question - one of the servers that I manage have a
> problem in that /var/log/syslog and /var/log/daemon.log get filled up
> with a message from bind and subsequently bounces all mail since there
> is no space left.
> What is the best solution for this? Do I have to create another mount
> point for /var/spool/mail ? Quotas perhaps? Alternatively, how can I get
> syslog to ignore the lines that fill the log up.
> Thanks in advance,
> Best wishes,
> Shri
Hi Shri

Is this after using the new sarge d-i? I've experienced the same problem
and had to delete these two log files to get packages installed.  This
was on a test system where only /home and swap are on separate
partitions, whereas my production system has a separate /var
partition.  Nevertheless, it would seem that the new d-i is creating
huge versions of these two logs (>1G each in the first day or so).

TWIMC my set up is PowerPC on a G4



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