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Bug#255439: d-i report

clone 255439 -1
retitle -1 10b9:5451 should use ali5451 module
reassign -1 discover1-data

* cristian@corpo5.com.br <cristian@corpo5.com.br> [2004-06-20 21:12]:
> - Configure /etc/network/inerfaces and you are online;

Was that not done automatically?  What was the problem?  Was your card
found during the installer?

> - Detect the wrong vga card (apm instead of ati);

Can you send your /var/log/XFree86.0.log file please.

> - Detect the wrong sound card (trident instead of ali5451);

Right, this is a bug in discover1-data.

> - The alsa package is kernel 2.4.25 and the installed kernel is 2.4.26;

Martin Michlmayr

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