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Bug#255219: some chars are incorrect after rebooting

reassign 255219 base-config

Quoting Giuseppe Sacco (eppesuig@debian.org):
> Package: installation-reports
> Version: sid_d-i, 20040618
> Severity: important
> I just did a normal installation and rebooted the machine. Now I am
> prompted by debconf for the base system configuration.
> I did the complete installation using italian as language, so I see the
> italian texts.
> The templates for shadow and popularity-contest are using the character
> 'È', but this is now displayed as 'E'.

What does "locale charmap" say?

If this is "UTF-8" this could be a problem in jfbterm font.

Otherwise, something wrong in the lat0-sun16 font we use for
ISO-8859-15 maybe

What happens if you "dpkg-reconfigure popularity-contest" AFTER the
base system install (ie after login as root from a prompt) and "export
LANG=it_IT" ?

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