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Re: symlinks in /boot vs. symlinks in /

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Martin F Krafft]
> > Why does Debian drop symlinks to vmlinuz and initrd.gz into the root
> > directory? The FHS does allow it (after all), but it's butt-ugly, if
> > you ask me.
> I do not care much about its uglyness, but it can also be a problem
> when using grub and having /boot/ on a separate partition.  Of course
> update-grub solve that problem, but I agree with you that it would be
> better to keep the boot info in /boot/.

OTOH, the linux kernel uses this scheme for a very log time now.
Deviating from it will break "make oldconfig dep install modules_install"
style upgrades from upstream sources.

(I guess that's the reason why the FHS specifically allows this scheme.)


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