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Re: Ideas thrown around for Fully Automated Installations

Christian Perrier wrote:
> I started thinking about a very simple package (let's name it
> "automate") which just:
> -runs very early
> -loads the floppy module
> -read a file from the floppy (FAT16 formatted) with simple debconf
> variables settings (and comments):
> -feed debconf with these values (small script to be written)
> -run the installer
> I have chosen floppy as support because we can guess (maybe wrongly)
> that this is the most common thing we have on machines and because
> it's probably not too much costly having the module on the initrd....

Automated installs tend to be networked, and with DHCP, AFAICS. So it's
probably better to include a file in the initrd which is enough to get
the network running, and then fetch a second one via network (via e.g.

We probably don't even need to include a hardcoded file in the initrd
if we can start the installer with a boot parameter


(For PXE, this boot parameter can be defined in the PXE config on the
server side, in dependance of the client IP address. That's much simpler
than config floppies for a few hundred machines. :-)


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