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Bug#254935: The way the swap size is calculated seems not correct

Package: partman-auto
Severity: minor

The way partman-auto decides the swap size is quit puzzling.

I've read the recipes, and I understand the algorithm, but yet, I was
taught since my first GNU/Linux days that sawp size is related to memory
size, and partman-auto is deciding only upon hard drive size.

It's really weird when you have a big harddrive, but not so much memory
(this happened to me yesterday.  I had only 64Mb RAM, and partman-auto
suggested something like 400Mb Swap, for a 10Gb hard drive).

You may argue that it's not a common environment, but I think it's not
so uncommon either, and it's really not nice that the value is so much
outside a valid range.

I think it would be nicer if the parameters for swap size could be taken
from the memory size, the minimum being the memory size, and the maximum
the double of the memory size... Or something like that.

I hope you can have a look at it.


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