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Bug#253910: cd install not working on dell latitude x300

Yeah, I use:

        808624cd        usb     echi-hcd        82801DB USB EHCI

here in our local copy of discover1-data.  I'm actually sort of
surprised its not in there, Bug #191440 pointed to the skolelinux list
updates that included this one.

   * Use the HW info from the Skolelinux project. (Closes: #191440)


On Mon, 2004-06-14 at 15:01, Joey Hess wrote:
> Scott M. Dier wrote:
> > Its 8086:24cd .
> That one is present in usb-discover, but not in discover1-data. This
> doesn't quite explain why it worked with one boot method and not the
> other, since both boot methods have usb-discover on the initrd.
> Something must be going on that I'm not thinking of.
> Anyway, getting it into discover1-data is the obvious next step.
> Reassigning the bug there.
Scott Dier <sdier@cs.umn.edu>
CS/IT Systems Staff

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