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Re: grub doesn't boot after lowmem install

W. Borgert wrote:
> The install on my 24 MB machine (486, 100 MHz) went fine
> using the anna patch by Sylvain Ferriol.  Unfortunately,
> when booting after 1st stage install, I get:
> GRUB Loading stage1.5.
> GRUB loading, please wait...
> (note the different case of 'loading')
> I waited several(!) minutes, but nothing happened.  I will
> try LILO now, but the install takes several hours, so don't
> expect a report soon.  Is there a know problem with GRUB on
> low end machines?  If so, lowmem install on i386 should
> default to LILO...

I've seen grub do this if the root partition extends too far from the
front of the drive, and the /boot part happens to land back there. This
happens to me on a modern p4 with a 30 gb drive.

see shy jo

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