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Re: How much mem is low, exactly?

On Fri, Jun 11, 2004 at 01:40:20PM +0200, sferriol wrote:
> cd .....trunk/installer/build/localudebs
> dd if=net-drivers.img of=/dev/fd0

That was easy!  This patch is good - I can now partition on
my 24 MB machine.  It seems that the memory limit is now
about 21.5 MB (for i486, stone age hardware).  Thanks a lot!


- In lowmem mode, the installer now asks some questions more
  than one time.  This is acceptable of course.

- The partitioner did not give me the choice 'all in one -
  recommended for new users', but only 'separate home dirs'.
  Maybe I did sth. wrong?

- There is room for improvement: Some tools were installed
  without my consent/need: os-prober, lilo-installer,
  nobootloader - I can't remember all, sorry.  Also I'm
  not sure, whether the countrychooser could be optional
  for lowmem.  IMHO, the goal for lowmem on ia32 should be
  around 16 MB, depending on the hardware.


- Is there any chance, that Sylvains patch (that works
  perfectly for me) will be accepted soon?

- Is it possible (and worth), to leave out the

- Is it possible to not load os-prober, lilo-installer
  etc. in lowmem mode?

Thanks in advance!

Cheers, WB

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