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Bug#252930: Installation-Reports: Beta 4 as a VMware Guest

This is regarding a report that dpkg failed to run as /sbin and
/usr/sbin were not in PATH. I've received a log from the bug submitter
that shows that he was using base-config's shell menu item, and running
apt by hand. I had tried to fix this problem with root's PATH in
base-config, but by fix didn't work.

Looking at it again, the root cause seems to be that a root login shell
does not get the sbin directories in the PATH. The PATH is
"/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/bin/X11:/usr/games". That seems broken
to me, shouldn't root have those directories in its path when you log in
as root? Anyway, probably a base-config bug, since base-config was
recently changed to call sh -l.

Apparently /root/.profile is supposed to set the PATH for root to
include the sbin directories. I don't know why this isn't happening, but
I have seen the same problem on fresh debian installs. I can't reproduce
it after install.

see shy jo

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