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Re: languagechooser_1.23_i386.changes ACCEPTED

Quoting Thiemo Seufer (ica2_ts@csv.ica.uni-stuttgart.de):

> > Was this with the 1.23 version of languagechooser?
> This was from SVN, so it calls itself 1.24, but it's the same as the
> released version besides of that. 1.22 works for me.

Hmm, yes it's the same. Currently 1.24 only has me in Uploaders: and I
guess this won't trigger the bug you mention.

I just built a mini.iso image and tested it with VmWare but hadn't the
shown behaviour. So it is probably a lowmem issue....probably
triggered by languagechooser changes.

OK....got it, quite certainly. 

We need changing ther lowmem package with the following (untested):

< db_set languagechooser/language-name "English (USA)"
> db_set languagechooser/language-name "English"
> db_set countrychooser/country "US"
> db_set debian-installer/locale "en_US"

I report this as a bug against lowmem

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