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state of the test candidate

Summarising the checklist[1], we seem to be ok for most languages, i386 is
largly fine. powerpc, sparc, and mips have only been tested in a few
ways. There seems to be no data for ia64, mipsel, hppa, arm; or at least
noone added any to the checklist. alpha is hosed, though the fix is
simple; some m68k images are broken.

Some of the known issues with tc1 include the following. I've marked ones
that have a known fix with a '*', ones that do not currently have a fix that
I know of with a '-'

    - The console characters breaking in linux26.
    - The default locale not being set when selecting en_US.
    * jfs formatting very slow
    - os-prober fails on some mounted windows filesystems
    * 2.6 lvm and raid segfaults and hangs (fixed by new lvm2 package)
    * airport module not available post-reboot on powerpc
    - m68k has broken images (genext2fs problem?)
    * sparc64 module loading broken
    - mips Installs on r4k-ip22 with 32 MB fails, it needs 36 MB until
      swap is available, lowmem assumes 25 MB
    * alpha doesn't install, needs new images

(Any more?)

Where to from here? If we don't even know if tc1 works on 4 arches or
whether it works for a few dozen install methods on other arches, it
can't be releasable, even ignoring other problems. We can keep trying to
fill in the holes in the testing on tc1, while making only changes that
only affect broken arches (alpha, sparc, m68k, etc), or we can make some
more (but still very controlled and focused) changes to fix some of the
other problems listed above too, which would mean starting over with a

see shy jo

[1] installer/doc/checklist in svn

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