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Re: Status of the shadow package

Thiemo Seufer wrote:

> Which means you have to beg the upstream author to change
> to output of his program without apparent reason (for
> him). Why should he care about some random other program
> which happens to use the same string in a different
> context?

If it is a different program and in a different context,
then the domain (the file the translation is read from)
should be different too.

If two different programs use the same domain, without
coordinating, then they are messing up the whole i18n/l10n
system anyway.

> AFAICS the translation database needs some means to find
> the preferred translation for a given package in addition
> to the matching English string.

If the database contains domain, C string, language code and
translated string, then there shouldn't be unsurmountable

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