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Can't Install Kernel on Beta 4 Installer with Sarge

I'm having a bizarre problem with a Sarge Beta 4 Installer cd set trying to install to a P4/1Gig Ram/120gigHD/IDE/E1000 Tyan motherboard. (This is the 05-23-04 set)

I can get all the way through to choosing a kernel to install (so partitioning and installing the base system works fine) -- but regardless of what I choose (2.6.5, 2.6.3, or 2.4.2X) the installer exits with error-code 1.

I looked in /target/boot, and it was empty, so nothing is being copied over to it. Basically it appears that the kernel can't be installed for some reason.

I'm totally at a loss to explain what's wrong.... the hardware is pretty generic, and I chose the standard partitioning that was offered by the installer -- no dual boots or anything weird -- and had the installer partition and erase/format the hard disks -- so a totally clean install.

One clue might be this (or I might be totally wrong -- feel free to correct me here): I thought that the installer should create THREE partitions -- a /boot, a /, and swap.... wouldn't the bootloader (Grub) and the kernel go in the /boot partition? The partitioner creates two partitions, though, a / and a swap.... that's it.

Also, at one point this hard disk had a RH9 install on it, with presumably Grub already installed (it was shipped that way to us)... I've always chosen to rewrite/overwrite the partition tables, though, so I'm assuming what was there is now gone.

Anyone have any ideas? I don't have copies of the various log files because I have no way to copy them off of the machine (no floppies, etc.) Although if anyone can give me clues or pointers in the right direction, I can take a look through them and see what I can find.

I'm completely befuddled....


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