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Re: Sparc installation

On Mon, 31 May 2004 23:55:53 -0300, Margarita Manterola wrote:
> Installation Steps
> ------------------
> It didn't ask for language just country "based on your language choice".
> It didn't ask for keyboard.

And with good reason. ISTR you can't boot a sparc headless without
unplugging both the monitor and keyboard. so probably the selector did the
right thing and detected that there was really no keyboard?

> DHCP worked fine.

For once in history... *rolleyes*

> No guided partitioning option at the beginning of the partitioning.

Were there two disks in the machine?
> No xfs or jfs filesystems.

Once we stabilize our bootloader, I will allow this to happen using an
initrd to load modules for these filesystems so we can pivot to an xfs

> And then it took a LONG time to get everything installed. But it worked.

Hah, yeah.. base-installer? Go and play a few games of ping-pong, then
watch a LOTR movie of your choice, and it's still not done..

> Base config prompted me for keyboard. But keymap families had no names
> (no qwerty), I chose blindly.

That I don't know about.

> So: SUCCESS!!! We have an OK for netboot+Sparc32.

What really needs work is sparc64 CD boots. That requires some really
experienced sparc hackers.

Joshua Kwan

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