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Bug#252204: install: Installer format fails

Package: install
Version: beta-4

I have an old laptop which I brought before 1998. I just upgrade my new harddrive to 20 gb and use the sarge installer to install debian on it.

No matter how I parition the harddrive, partman just say "format failed"  and return me back to partman again. I look at the log. It says Cannot find reiserfs fs on /dev/hda1. 

I use the shell to cfdisk it, but it refuses to write the parition table to it. It just complain that reread failed

I suspect that it is due to the fact that my old bios (sorry no new bios is available) cannot support harddrive bigger than 8.4gb.

Finally, I give up on the sarge installer, move it to my desktop and debootstrap from there. Everything works now

Should sarge installer be able to deal with this?

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