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test candidate images

Today's CD build and the d-i images build of the 28th are the test
candidate images. This silly name means that it's the candidate to be
the release candidate if it tests out ok. So please test it everywhere.

I think it's as good or better as any of the past betas on i386, with no
known errata, but then we always seem to find bugs at the last minute,
and this time may be no different. Most of the other arches should also
be ok; but sparc64 has broken module loading (as it did in beta4), and
alpha is not built yet.

This build was planned to be ready on the 27th, but various issues
delayed it until now. Since we no longer have a chance to release it
before DebConf ends, let's wait a week to see if it's really

Of course any installation reports for the test candidate are good to
have, but we also have a checklist of different installation methods
to try. This is a pass/fail kind of thing, to see whether installation
works in each different way. The file is installer/doc/checklist in the
tree and can be edited as different things are tried.

We will decide after the week of testing whether the bugs we've found
are bad enough to delay the release, or minor enough to be ignored for
the release. To help track these, tag the bugs with the d-i tag, and
include "[rc1]" in the subject.

(Manty and James, please arrange for the above-mentioned images to be
kept, and accessible under the name "tc1" with symlinks or whatever.)

see shy jo

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