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Bug#248791: installation-reports Beta4 Netinstaller, can't boot off hard drive, can't install packages from ethernet.


Thank you for responding to my email.

Which do you recommend?  Net install, business card install, full install?

Which image/iso?

Neither PPP nor PPPOE, I have ADSL via ethernet to my router.  Static IP.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Martin Michlmayr wrote:
* rick <r.coleman5@verizon.net> [2004-05-12 22:40]:

I downloaded the new daily snapshot, ran it, got some strange messages,
such as it kept asking me if I wanted to activate PCMCIA becasue it it
thought I had it.  The exact message was; "This computer seems to have
PCMCIA interface, Please choose whether PC card services should be

This should be fixed in newer images.

I told it to install LILO on /dev/hdb1 (where deb was installed) it was
an option on the list.
I was using bootpart from win2k to scrape the first 512K off of
/dev/hdb1 and I thought perhaps it wasn't doing it correctly, so I boot

I'm not quite sure why this didn't work.  You can certainly install
GRUB and LILO in a partition rather than in the MBR.  Can you please
try a new image to see if that works.  Note that d-i should also add
menu items for other existing operating systems on your machine.

I'm on ADSL, the base-config menu lets you configure PPP, but NOT eth?
I ran into this prob with a disk1 Sarge install and simply used aptitude
to install the package to configure the ethernet network, and then added
packages outside of the installer.

The only options on the base-config menu is for PPP, nothing for

Are you using regular PPP or PPPoE to connect to the Internet?

Can you try a newer image from

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