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Bug#250626: installation report

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> reassign 250626 grub-installer
> retitle 250626 don't overwrite existing menu.lst
> severity 250626 wishlist
> thanks
> * Antonio Ingargiola <debian@fastwebnet.it> [2004-05-24 09:25]:
> > I've installed Sarge on a machine with allready Sid, with a boot partition with lots of kernels.
> > Installing grub result in deletion (without backup) of the old menu.lst. The section for the 
> > Sarge's kernel in menu.lst was right but, the sections for all the other kernel were pointing 
> > to the Sarge root partition and not the Sid (they are the old kernel for Sid).
> > 
> > Maybe the easiest solution is to backup menu.lst if there is an older one, and give 
> > a message to the user. 
> > Would be nice if I could add through the installer a new section for the choosen kernel in 
> > to menu.lst, without re-installing grub (this is the strength of grub).

As I understand it, you told d-i to use anexisting partition of yours as
/boot. This means that you adsked d-i to install on it; which means that
you should expect files to be overwritten. I do not consider that a bug.

If you can send me enough information about the old and new
configuration of your systems, and the content of your old menu.lst, I
can probably fix whatever bug resulted in non-working entires in the
generated menu.lst.

see shy jo

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