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Bug#248627: [thschaefer@gmx.de: Bug#248627: Debian Installer version 4 - Installation report]


> My PCMCIA network card worked during the network configuration but not after
> the first start of the new installed system, so during the initial
> configuration. An /etc/init.d/network restart (or stop or start) didn't
> work. The computer was the whole time connected to the same network that
> provides a DHCP service. This caused the issue that no security updates
> could be downloaded and maybe as a side effect the configuration for the
> package console-data didn't show up. After restarting the complete system a
> second time the network card is available again.

Which kernel version did you install? What does
/etc/network/interfaces look like? Do you have a Cardbus or 16-bit


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