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Bug#251299: Some d-i wishes

Package: installation-reports
Severity: wishlist

I should probably file one for each of this, sorry if this is a bother
to you.

* It would be great to have the initial help translated.  We are having
everything translated but for the initial screens.  Is it terribly hard?
I guess it is, but yet, it would be really good to have it translated.

* When selecting the keyboard, sometimes the user does not know how to
recognize his/her keyboard.  For example, in Argentina we have 2
official keyboards, the Spanish and the LatinAmerican, most users
can't tell them apart although they are substatially different.  It
would be great to have a "help" screen for the keyboard layouts that
states things like "this keyboard has a ñ next to the l, and the @ in
the Q key".

* The option for "no frame buffer" is like awfully long.  Is it too
difficult to have a nofb option that translates into the whole string?

* After installing a Sarge CD, the debian_version file in /etc says
testing/unstable, although it's only testing.  I know this has been
always like that, but does it make sense?  I think it should say

Thanks for all the job you've done up to now.

Margarita Manterola.

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