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Re: Installation on external USB harddisk? [and other issues]

* W. Borgert <debacle@debian.org> [2004-05-26 17:58]:
> - installation with either beta4 or current of 2004-05-24 works,
>   GRUB and/or LILO can be installed on the MBR of /dev/sda, as
>   my collegue did not want to overwrite his /dev/hda-MBR
> - kernel 2.4 and 2.6 start booting, but are panicking during boot
>   (I can ask, at which point exactly, if this helps)

So the debian-installer kernel boots but then the system doesn't boot?
That's strange since both use the Debian kernel from the archive.  Did
you pass special parameters to d-i?  (like "noapic" or so).

> 1. If the installation failed at some point, one cannot do the
>    "install base system" step again - it fails.  Instead one has
>    not only to redo the partition step again, but one has to
>    remove(!) the partition and recreate them.  Otherwise cruft

Hmm, when you mark the partition as format and enter the partitioner
again, is it not formated?

> 2. It would be nice, if the installer gives a friendly warning,
>    if one forgets to create a swap partition :-)

Maybe, although I'm not sure.  Many modern machines have enough RAM
that they don't really need swap.  Maybe partman could warn if the
machine has less than a gig of ram or so.

> 3. There are still display problems with kernel 2.6 (not only
>    in beta4!) when switching consoles sometimes.
> 4. New users do not know what "Debconf priority" means.  This
>    is Debian newspeak :-)

Martin Michlmayr

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