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Re: Problems/workarounds for install to root on LVM on RAID

Charles Steinkuehler wrote:

Josha Foust wrote:
The raid device also shows it only being 2.0 GB in size when the partition
underneath it is 79GB.

If you're referring to the display in partman, I saw similar behavior, which I attributed to a 'wrapping' problem. My 150G raid partition was listed as some small number of MB on one line, and the correct size on another. I'll note details when I re-install.

OK, in partman, once I've built the RAID devices, I get the following output:

RAID1 device #0 - 131.4 MB Software RAID device
      #1 131.4 MB
RAID1 device #1 - 993.7 MB Software RAID device
      #1 159.9 GB

In case it matters, details of the big partition:
Cylinders 17-19457
Each cyl = 8,225,280 bytes
Total size: 159,907,668,480 bytes or 156,159,832+ blocks

Note that 159.9 GB MOD 2^32 ~= 993,878,527

Looks like maybe some sort of translation problem (32 bit byte size value?) with large partitions?

Charles Steinkuehler

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