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Bug#234470: Installer Beta 2

Martin Michlmayr wrote:

* Scott Cole <kennesco@bnin.net> [2004-02-23 20:30]:
Comments/Problems: I hate the new device/partition naming system. Everyone knows /dev/hda5, but the new version is very confusing. It made setting up lilo harder.

Yes, we use a much better naming schema now.  Can you get new images
from http://gluck.debian.org/cdimage/testing/sarge_d-i/ and give them
a go.

The first time I tried the installer it did not seem to recognize my
network card and I had to reboot. The next time it worked okay. All
in all a very good effort.

Can you check if the new image finds this card?
I downloaded the new sarge installer as you requested and did a reinstall. The process went off without a hitch. The card was automagically recognized and configure and dhcp activated. I am really impressed with the partitioning system. Not sure if it would be confusing to some of the brain dead set, but I thought it was very elegant and simple. It seemed to give added flexibility without being confusing. The boot loader installation found my Slackware, WinXP and new Debian installs and added them to the menu. It didn't see my FreeBSD partition, but that would be a little much to expect. All in all a very easy installation. Congratulations.

Let me know if you would like me to try anything else, as I am always happy to try to help out.

Scott Cole

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