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Bug#248075: ethernet module install

* Greg Baker <ggbaker@cs.sfu.ca> [2004-05-08 19:34]:
> Root Device: SATA

Your installation report mentioned that you're using a machine with SATA
disks.  Since the last beta of debian-installer was released, a large
number of changes related to SATA have been made.  In particular, we now
ship a 2.4.26 kernel with (some) SATA support.  We're currently preparing a
new test release of debian-installer (release candidate 1), and we'd
appreciate it if you could try our daily image and tell us whether this
works.  This will give us some time to make important changes if so
requires before rc1 is released.  You can find current images at

We'd appreciate it if you could test this image and tell us if the issues
you mentioned in your bug report have been dealt with, and in particular
whether your SATA disks are recognized and work.  You can either boot
normally (by pressing enter or typing "linux") and will get a 2.4.26 kernel
with SATA, or you can type "linux26" and get a 2.6 kernel; both should
work, and we'd appreciate feedback about both of them.  Thanks

> Didn't configure to load module for ethernet.  Detected correctly in
> from-CD phase, but after reboot, I had to switch terminals and manually
> start network.

Can you please check if this has been fixed?
Martin Michlmayr

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