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udebs to copy to testing from unstable

Here are some udebs that I want to move to testing today. I'm sending them to
Daniel as James is in transit; I sent some of these to James earlier, and
that earlier message can be disregarded.

partman                         all     39
partman-auto                    all     21
partman-basicfilesystems        all     25
partman-basicmethods            all     16
partman-ext3                    all     25
partman-newworld                powerpc 5
partman-partitioning            all     20
partman-reiserfs                all     12
partman-target                  all     22
partman-xfs                     all     12
mdcfg                           all     0.19
lvmcfg                          all     0.31
bogl				powerpc (only!) 0.1.18-1
base-installer			all	0.081
languagechooser			all	1.22

The magic commands, according to James:

madison -S $pkg -b udeb -s testing -f heidi | heidi -r testing
madison -S $pkg -b udeb -s unstable -f heidi | heidi -a testing

see shy jo

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