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Re: Turkish keyboard bug again in 20040523 netinst snapshot

Recai Oktas wrote:
> Turkish keyboard is again in a broken state in netinst snapshot of 
> 20040523.  This bug (#247441) has been fixed in 2002.12.04dbs-39 of
> console-data, and there was in fact no such problem in the previous 
> snapshots I tested (i.e. 20040520 and _20040521).  I guess an old 
> version of console-keymaps-at udeb must have been used for this built.  
> Can someone confirm/fix this, just to make sure that Turkish users 
> don't experience the same beta4 keyboard bug while testing rc1?

Version -39 of console-keymaps-at is in testing and unstable, so it
should use used for all images now.

see shy jo

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