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Bug#243679: #243679: tags +help, reassign to partman-basicfilesystems

On Mon, May 03, 2004 at 02:27:38PM +0300, Anton Zinoviev wrote:
> reassign 243679 partman-basicfilesystems
> severity 243679 important

I believe this is RC severity.

> tags 243679 +help
> thanks
> Is it possible that this freeze was caused by too heavy cpu load or by
> some hardware issue?

I have sucessfully reproduced this on both a ibook and on my pegasos, so
i would run out hardware issues. Also, i seriously doubt d-i is
straining a 1Ghz G4 or a 800MHz G3 very much at this point. No other
powerpc user have tried it with swap enabled yet, as we all usually
install in the previous swap partition for testing. I wonder if this is
bigendian or ppc specific though, could you test this function on a
bigger swap partition on your box (or have someone else test it on x86
also). It always is at around the same % of completeness too, so i
highly suspect some strange stuff going on.

> The swap test does simply "ped_file_system_check".  I don't know what
> does this libparted function.

I will try calling this function by hand, and see what happens,
hopefully isolating a small test case or something, but again, having
the data on non ppc available would be good, can you provide this to me ? 


Sven Luther

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