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Bug#249993: package: installation-reports: wish to have multiple mirror-choosing in "normal" installatin too

Package: installation-reports


i beg your pardon, that i don't use the detailed mask on your site for this mail, but i think it's a general issue (i hope so).

i tried first to install (using the 50mb-cd and then a netinstall) as "expert", but i did something wrong (i am not really an expert...) and after the installation-process my x didn't start.
so i tried the normal install yesterday.

the only thing i missed was a multiple choice of mirrors. as i could see in my expert-experience, this helped to get a wonderful smooth download. yesterday i got a stop, because some file was missing (or similar), so i had to start that process again.

to have more mirrors would be wonderful for "normal" users too, because it makes debian more reliable (just a feeling in a critical process) and comfortable during installation.

hans horwath

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