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Bug#249344: Debian Installation Report

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Mark Haidar (Fyren) <haidar@ufl.edu> [2004-05-16 16:09]:
> > The install went very smoothly in general.  Definitely better than the 
> > last time I installed Debian in 2001.  The only question I was asked 
> > that I didn't feel was accompanied by adequate information was whether 
> > to install xdm or gdm.  Only after doing some searching on the Net did I 
> > find it wasn't a big deal, but when an OS installer asks you a question 
> > you don't know anything about it can be disconcerting.
> Does anyone know when this is being asked?  I cannot find xdm
> mentioned in tasksel at all.  Is this the X configuration program
> maybe?

I think that this question is asked if both are installed. I'm not sure
what is pulling in xdm, only gdm is listed in the tasks. Mark, which
tasks did you select in tasksel? Can you send your

see shy jo

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