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Bug#248505: d-i b4 failed to recognize Windows XP Pro on NTFS

* Jay Berkenbilt <ejb@ql.org> [2004-05-11 13:50]:
> already closed the older installation reports.)


> The only problem was that my Windows XP partition was not detected.  I
> running on NTFS.  Since I almost never boot into XP, it's pretty

Detecting of Windows is supported, but due to a little bug it doesn't
work in beta4 - the ntfs module is not loaded and so it doesn't see
what's on the disk.  Can you try to load the ntfs module by hand and
check if it finds your Windows installation?  It should.

> Also, it would be nice if debian-installer would have put a 686
> kernel instead of a 386 kernel on my machine.  This is particularly
> true on my desktop which has a P4 with hyperthreading and needs an
> smp kernel to take advantage of that fact.

It should install the right kernel.  Can you please send /proc/cpuinfo
from those two machines.

> (I will send this comment in a separate wishlist bug report.)

No need, we can just use this one.

Thanks for testing d-i!
Martin Michlmayr

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