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kernel and init hangouts 2.6.5

I'm using the unstable installation /hd-media sarge-i386-netinst.iso from the current release of i386.
I have IBM thinkpad 570. 366Mhz, 128MB, xircom realport pcmcia nic.

1. when the installation start, the switch to frame buffer sometimes stuck with white screen - deadlock, just before asking for language. 2. when the installation succeed, when it boots for the first time, it hangs in some ways:
   a. after founding reiserfs 3.6
   b. in the init script of ext2 and ext3 probing
   c. null pointer.
sometimes it do goes up, but the installation phase exit with error, after teskel, and downloading packages.
(its not problem of space).
i have brought up the system with kernel 2.4.25 compiled in redhat 9,
and it works fine. ( kernel from kernel.org without patches ).


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