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This may not come in installation reports, but who installed d-i beta 4 noticed that the network hardware was not detected when the installer does the dhcp configuration.

This happened to me this weekend in 1 desktop and 1 laptop, the 2 that i installed.

But, i must give you congratulations for the partman that is much better (i think) then beta 3.

The instalation in both worked really well ... but i fucked up my win XP installation (ntfs) in desktop after a bad use of grub ... there goes everything ....

Weel ... i think that's all, now i'm going to be a pain in the ass for the portuguese translation team ....

keep up the exelent work.

Another mark is a wish ... if you could put in the mirrors an image of the beta's, because we have many people installing debian here and it would be nice for them ...

best regards (sorry my lousy english)

Luis F. C. Matos
Department of Mechanical Engeneering
University of Aveiro

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