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Bug#248037: package-versions is extremly slow

On second thought, why does package-versions exist at all? If it exists
to trim down the status file to save space on the floppy, etc, then it's
unnecessary; the package-versions output of a 10k status file is 1.5k,
but simply gzipping the file reduces it to 2k. If its purpose is to
create some nice file format, then this seems unnecessary; the status
file is already easy to read, and can always be processed after the

Including the whole status file would be good for working with other
classes of bugs, as the bugreporter info would include things like what
packages were confgured, if any failed to configure, etc. This seems
worth the added space, and gzip is gonna be much faster than silly shell
code. Replace the whole script with gzip, I say!

see shy jo

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