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Re: Progress boot when booting

* Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> [2004-05-05 20:49]:
> I don't understand why you'd be sing di-utils-reboot to finish a
> sucessful install; prebaseconfig reboots.

Oh, you're right.  Well, I temporarily modified prebaseconfig's
postinst like this:

        if [ -x "$script" ] ; then
            log "info: Running $script"
+           if [ "$script" = "/usr/lib/prebaseconfig.d/99reboot" ]; then
+               db_progress STOP
+           fi
            if "$script" 2> $tmpfile ; then

This solved my display problem, but is of course not a nice solution.
Do you have a good solution for this?  Maybe 99reboot could just
run db_progress STOP ?
Martin Michlmayr

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