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Re: beta4: linux26 problem with NVIDIA TNT2/ASUS P4T553C?

Rahmat M. Samik-Ibrahim wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-05-05 at 22:58, Joey Hess wrote:
> >> 1. Can not go back to console 1 (ALT F1), after switch to 
> >>    virtual console 2 (ALT F2). The screen will go red with garbage.
> > This is a known problem and is documented in the errata.
> May I know the filename of that errata?

There is a link to it from the front page of the web site.

> >> 2. Both linux26 netcfg/use_dhcp=false and
> >>         linux netcfg/use_dhcp=false
> >>    does NOT work. --> It goes to DHCP.
> > In my testing this works. Could you have mistyped it, or a have a
> > keyboard mapping that resulted in something other than what you typed?
> May I know how to trace this problem?  Perhaps this log (edited)
> may help:

If you switch to the second virtual console or otherwise get a shell in
the installer, the following command should print out "false" if you got
the boot command line typed right:

debconf-get netcfg/use_dhcp

see shy jo

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