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Re: Bug#247811: sparc beta 4 install failures

[ Could someone with access to a real mailserver forward this off to the
submitter? Thanks ]

On Fri, 07 May 2004 00:57:05 -0700, Blars Blarson wrote:
> Since I had the exact same problems with both the businesscard and
> netinstall cdrom images, I'm reporting them together.
> I needed to use "linux ramdisk_size=8192" to get the cd to boot.

OK. It seems that the initrd has bloated since the last time we looked at
this. I might even address this in the kernel.

> modprobe of sr_mod failed, apparently it is trying to use the known
> broken busybox modprobe.  Same problem as has been reported before.

A biarch modutils that works for sparc64 is in testing, I think. I took
off from IRC before I knew whether it worked or not though. Bastian?
> The businesscard image is now trying to load modules off of the cdrom.
> This seems to be a new problem.

That sounds like appropriate behavior to me; doesn't the cdrom initrd
contain a pile of modules for both sparc32 and 64?

Joshua Kwan

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