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Bug#227600: hostname asked twice, /target unmounted too early, default real name

Tried with beta4...

* tbm <tbm@cyrius.com> [2004-01-13 23:48]:
> I have the same problems with my PCMCIA network card as James Troup in
> #227498: I load the 3c59x module and even though it is loaded fine


> It asks me for my hostname twice.  After loading the ethernet module,


> I installed the base system, LILO and then I'm at the "Finish the
> installation and reboot" screen.  I realize I'd like to have GRUB
> instead, and press "no" (or "go back" or whatever it was) here.  GRUB
> fails to install because the CD-ROM and /target have been unmounted
> already!  I think the CD should only be ejected and /target unmounted
> if people actually select "Reboot" at the "Finish the installation and
> reboot" screen and not before.

Hmm, this works now.

> After reboot: in the past, base-config would ask me if I wanted to
> create an user account.  It no longer does this, which is fine with
> me, but it also does not ask for the real name anymore and creates an


> I tried aptitude for the first time.  I only had a CD with main on it,
> and when I pressed on a section in aptitude it wouldn't actually show

Bug cloned and reassigned to aptitude.

> I also tried expert mode.  Way too many questions are shown here.  I
> thought I might use "expert" by default, but this is _really_ painful.
> During hardware detection, it asks me for additional parameters for
> _every module_!  This is surely a bit too much, eve n for expert mode.

Haven't tried but probably still there.

Martin Michlmayr

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