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Re: Debian installer

Quoting Martin Braure de Calignon (braurede@free.fr):
> Hello,
> I've just completed the installation of a Debian 
> Just one think I remark about it :
> - In french translation : there's a problem for
> llation it's "installation est terminée" and not 
> great work :) congratulations !


Took me time for finding the error. It lies in prebaseconfig (this,
you couldn't have known) and is an "accord du participe" problem thus
is very horrible grammatical error.

The screen has "L'installation est terminé et...." while it should be
"L'installation est terminée et..."

Thanks a lot for catching it while all proofreaders missed that
one....please, next time, try to give a bit more context. But, for
sure, please continue investigating each and every sentence in the
french translation, we definitely need it..:-)

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