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Bug#247255: Sarge Beta4 hppa report

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Tom Ward <tward800@cox.net> [2004-05-03 22:24]:
> > Partitioning:  No partition for PALO. Works ok if partitioning is done 
> > manually.The install from the netinst.iso gets stuck at 9% (retrieving 
> > coreutils ...)
> > This does not happen with the businesscard.iso. 
> It does not?  This is strange because we checked the md5sum of the
> coreutils package on the CD and it was okay.

Bdale was running into the same problem on one of two hppa machines
before beta4 was released. It could be a problem reading lots of data
from CD or something like that.

see shy jo

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