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Apple Powerbook G4 Install report with beta4

I grabbed the full 162M beta4 sarge-powerpc-netinst.iso last
night and gave it a try on an Apple PowerBook G4 laptop.
The installer booted up as expected.  Networking via dhcp on
eth0 worked as expected.

I selected "Erase entire disk" with "All files in one partition".
The generated partition table had a 32k Apple partition record, a
59.4 MB ext3 partition, and a 512 MB swap partition.  No NewWorld
boot partition was generated, which meant that should I continue
to install I could not possibly end up with a bootable system...

I attempted to add such a partition manually, but for whatever
reason the installer later gave me a dialog informing me that "No
hard disks were found which have an "Apple_Bootstrap" partition".
You must create an 800K partition named "bootstrap", with type

I tried, but was not able to persuade the installer to accept
such a partition.


Erik B. Andersen             http://codepoet-consulting.com/
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