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Bug#228276: Sarge install fails to boot on Dual Pentium Pro

reassign 228276 kernel

* Alex Lian <alian@alum.mit.edu> [2004-05-02 22:52]:
> So apparently it's my Adaptec AHA-2940UW with bios 2.20 that's preventing
> it from booting.
> After removing it, it got past and prompted for the root disk.
> I googled and saw the prior kernel image issues, but
> I tried various kernel flags to no avail so far.

Well, if woody ran without any problems, this sounds like a regression
in the kernel.  You had that Adaptec card in the machine when you ran
woody, right?  Can you perhaps get a woody floppy or CD and try to
boot that just to make sure the kernel from woody really boots.
Martin Michlmayr

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