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Bug#228661: installation-reports: beta2 bootfloppies on i386 + LVM -- LONG REPORT

Il lun, 2004-05-03 alle 01:33, Martin Michlmayr ha scritto:
> * Giuseppe Sacco <giuseppe@eppesuigoccas.homedns.org> [2004-01-20 02:59]:
> > The file system were created and mounted, the base system download and installed, but when
> > installing the kernel package kernel-image-2.4.34-1-386 I got a fatal error.
> > There were no error messages in tty4 and I followed the menu to select a new kernel,
> > but the list only shown one (that) menu, so I selected it and press 'continue'.
> > It worked.
> > 
> > Then I tried to install lilo (since grub wouldn't work on LVM, I think), but when selecting
> > 'install lilo' I was brought to the 'install kernel' menu. Probably it didn't really work :-(
> [...]
> Can you please try beta4 to see which of these problems are still
> there?

I just tried the latest image on the same machine and found a very big
improvement in d-i. I still got a problem when installing the kernel,
but I filed a different report so you may close this one.


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