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Re: [i10n] Installation Manual Updates (long)

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Hello David,

First of all: great that you are taking an interest!

I am working on a Dutch translation and have been in contact with Miroslav 
Kure over some general issues (like the restructuring of Ch 6 committed 

In my mind the chapters needing most work are the ones that are most outdated:
- - 2 System requirements
- - 3 Before installing
- - 4 Obtaining system installation media
- - 5 Booting the installation system
- - 8 Next steps
- - Appendix A

Personally I think the current structure of chapters 6 (Using D-I) and 7 
(Booting into new system, or better Base configuration) is basically OK; 
these mainly need filling out. These chapters should form the core of the 

I agree some things could be dropped altogether (like the info on how to set 
up a RARP, BOOTP or DHCP server).

What I miss most at the moment is a clear introduction of d-i outlining the 
stages in the installation process, the different installation levels 
(default, DEBCONF_PRIORITY=medium, expert), the main different installation 
methods (CD/DVD, floppy, network, ...) and how these will be covered in the 
manual. I think this should go before the current chapter 2.

Anyway, we should try to make it clear to readers in what situations which 
parts of the process will be skipped or performed 'invisibly' and where 
problems can be solved by choosing another PRIORITY level (without 
necessarily explaining all details).

I believe the intention of Miroslav is to focus the manual on default 
installation and move exotic things or detailed information (like hardware - 
I mean make & model, not architecture - specific stuff) to appendices, like 
he has done for Partitioning.

It would be great if you could give us an outline of how you visualize the 
structure of the manual.

For translators I guess most important is to make very clear when existing 
text is moved, because it would be easy to mistake major moves for text that 
has not been translated yet.
So if you could report moves with something like 'moved section <title> within 
AAA/foo.xml' or 'moved section <title> from AAA/foo.xml to BBB/bar.xml' that 
would be great. Of course, this is less important if complete documents are 

Also it would be great if you could separate restructuring from editing. It 
can be very hard to look for changes in content in text that has been moved 
as well. The main problem is, how much time to leave between the two (I think 
at least enough to give an opportunity to update the local SVN to the 
situation after the restructure and before the edit).
This is of course not very important if you plan a major rewrite of existing 
text because in that case a fresh translation is probably easier anyway.

I will have a fair amount of time available myself starting next week, so I 
could do reviews and help planning changes if you like. My main problem is 
that my experience with Debian is limited to i386.
I was planning to do some work on the English texts in chapters 6 and 7 and 
maybe the introduction I mentioned as I feel most comfortable with those.

Please keep the list posted on what subjects you start on to avoid two people 
working on the same subject at the same time (as much as is possible in a 
project like d-i :-).


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