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Derivated work of installation manual

Hello!      =)

This week I was invited for a University to do an "install fest" of
Debian, an because you did an excellent work writing the "Installing
Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 for Intel x86" document, I prefered reduce and
adapt it for the workshop at the University.

However, because this is the first time I modify a GPL document, I have
some questions. Please, don't think I want to ignore the authors of the
document, I did everything thinking in what could was the best way to do
it, and if I did something wrong I will fix it.

The document I wrote is in spanish, and because that I will try to
traduce it to english in order you can understand the basic things.
Their title is "Installation of Debian GNU/Linux Workshop", and this is
my first question. It must have different title because it's not exactly
a resume (it has a few opinions of my own), or it must have the same
title of the original work?

The resume that I did must be improved because it has an ugly format and
I did with few time available, and because that I put my name as the
only author of this resume, but the abstract says:

"This presentation is basically a resume of the document Installing
Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 for Intel x86 [1], adapted as a guide for a Debian
installation workshop using oficial CD-ROMs as the installation media.
As this is only a presentation, is recomended to read the original in

And the bibliography says:

"[1] Installing Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 for Intel x86. Bruce Perens, Sven
Rudolph, Igor Grobman, James Treacy, Adam Di Carlo"

Is this correct? Or I must put the previous names as the authors of
"Installation of Debian GNU/Linux Workshop"?

The link to the document is:


Thanks in advance and forgive me for my bad english.
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