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Bug#230437: FWD: Install Report - Failed network install

> 1.  The installer first went to cfdisk.  I created the partitions (1 
> ext3 (bootable), 1 swap), wrote the table, and selected finish.  Then it 
> went to the next screen where I am supposed to configure/mount the 
> partitions, and instead of the list of my partitions (should have been 
> 2), the list has 6 or 8 entries, most consisting of just one letter, 
> like this:
> N
> N
> O
> O

We're using a totally new partitioning tool now and it is very likely
that this has been fixed.  Can you please try the new beta4 release
and see if this is the case?

> 2.  On attempting to install the base system, it says that it is 
> retrieving package files, then finding package sizes, then retrieving 
> packages, validating, extracting packages.  Then the screen goes blue 
> for a bit with no menu, and comes back red saying: debootstrap exited 
> with an error, return value 1, check the log.  I hit <continue> and the 
> next screen says base system failed to install into /target/, check the 
> two debootstrap logs.  I check the two logs: debootstrap.err.log is 0 
> bytes, and debootstrap.log has one line:
> ln: mawk : no such file or directory

Strange, this shouldn't happen.  Again, can you try beta4?
Martin Michlmayr

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