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Bug#228327: installation-reports: PCMCIA of the yenta_socket variety not detected properly

* Matijs van Zuijlen <Matijs.van.Zuijlen@xs4all.nl> [2004-01-18 11:32]:
> After the initial boot, the language selection came up:
> - It was unclear _how_ the keyboard layout would be affected. In the
>   Netherlands, US keyboards are used most, but dutch layouts exist as well.
>   At this point in the install it is not clear that this choice can still be

Someon else reported this recently.  Maybe US layout should be used
even when you choose Dutch as language.

> - The top choice was a row of question marks, although `exotic' scripts
>   like korean and japanese looked fine.

This has been fixed.

> Keyboard selection:
> - In the Keyboard selection dialog, the <Terug> [Back] button didn't work.

Is this still there?

> - My pcmcia network card wasn't detected. The dialog box asking about the
>   network driver didn't mention pcmcia, so it was unclear what to do. I
>   picked one (pcnet_cs), it couldn't use that, but proceeded to try DHCP, and
>   didn't complain.

This has probably been fixed.

> Selecting hard drive partitions:
> - It is counter-intuitive to have to choose "Einde" [End] in the dialog
>   where partitions are chosen for mounting.

The partitioning tool is totally different now.

> After reboot:
> - During reboot, there were many messages about unresoved symbols in the 
>   PCMCIA drivers. It turned out the system tried to use the i82365
>   driver, whereas this machine needs yenta_socket. Changing

This should be fixed.

Can you try beta4 and confirm if this solves your issues?
Martin Michlmayr

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