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Bug#246993: Modprobe warnings during reboots when clock is set to local time

Package: debian-installer
Version: beta4 (20040429)
Severity: minor

If I reboot my system shortly after the installation is completed (including 
2nd stage), I will get the following warning several times during boot:
   Modprobe: Note: /etc/modules.conf is more recent than 

These messages disappear when the reboot takes place more than 2 hours after 

Cause of this error is timezone configuration during 2nd stage: Netherlands 
(UTC+02:00) with internal clock _not_ set to UTC.
- during 1st stage:
  . /lib/modules/<kernelversion>/modules.dep is created, e.g. with time 17:12
  . /etc/modules.conf is created, e.g. with time 17:18
- during reboot after 1st stage module dependencies are calculated:
  . /lib/modules/<kernelversion>/modules.dep is updated, e.g. with time 17:23
- after timezone configuration 'ls --full-time' shows
  . /lib/modules/<kernelversion>/modules.dep 19:23 +02:00
  . /etc/modules.conf 19:18 +02:00
- during next reboot, modules.dep is again updated, for example:
  . /lib/modules/<kernelversion>/modules.dep 17:45 +02:00
At that moment the timestamp for modules.dep is smaller than for modules.conf, 
resulting in the warnings during the rest of the boot.

This could easily be avoided by touching both files during 2nd stage 
installation (after timezone configuration) if UTC=no in /etc/defaults/rcS.
Something like the code below would do this, but I am not sure where best to 
include it as I think it should only be run during initial configuration.

if grep "^UTC=no" /etc/default/rcS >/dev/null; then
	touch /etc/modules.conf
	if [ -f /lib/modules/`uname -r`/modules.dep ] ; then
		touch /lib/modules/`uname -r`/modules.dep

(Note: '^UTC=no' is necessary because UTC=no is also part of a comment;
'^[:blanc:]*UTC=no' should also work.)

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