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Bug#246877: successfull installation on m68k/amiga

Christian T. Steigies wrote:
> Package: installation-reports
> Installation went without a hitch, setting the keyboard now works, the network
> card was detected, the SCSI disk was detected and partitioned with parted
> (the disk was previously partitioned on a mac, so there where no "know"
> partitions on it for the amiga). I selected the default partitioning scheme,
> which works out fine (128MB swap partition).

I guess you used partman (as parted frontend). Currently, this is the
default on all m68k, but rather due to a bug in partman which I fixed
today. According to the source, partitioner/partconf is supposed to
run instead, with a comment nearby "[partman is] slow and doesn't
support the atari subarch".

So I have now some questions:
- Should partman generally be used for m68k? This reqires some work on
  on partman for atari, or atari has to be dropped.
- Should partman be used for all subarchitectures except atari? This
  needs a subarch check in partman for m68k like it is done in the
  bootloader stuff.
- Should partitioner/partconf generally be used? It's faster, but has
  some long standing bugs, a less flexible layout, and most developers
  won't care much about it.

And WRT beta4:
- Should the fixed version of partman be uploaded for a beta4 update?
  It changes behaviour on m68k, mips and s390; only m86k is in beta4
  so far. (For mips, this update is needed for SGI aubarchitectures,
  that is, all currently supported ones.)


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