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Bug#241301: Installation Report on mipsel

clone 241301 -1
reassign -1 base-config
retitle -1 Long delay w/o status info before apt-cache policy
severtiy -1 minor
submitter -1 !

* Karsten Merker <karsten@excalibur.cologne.de> [2004-03-31 21:32]:
> In the "Install boot loader" step, the dialog was not displayed
> correctly. Several escape sequences for terminal control were
> printed visibly, which broke the layout. This might be a problem

Is this still there?

> In the keyboard-selection dialog in base-config the "show all keymaps"
> option does not show the DEC LK201 keymap. I went on with the
> keymap=NONE option.

Has this been fixed?

> On selecting the mirror source for the package install, for a short
> moment an error message was visible. It was something like
> "/usr/bin/apt-setup: [ : binary operator expected" (I do not have

This has been fixed.

> Between selecting the mirror and the menu in which the user can
> choose between tasksel/aptitude/dselect/none the screen stays
> black for quite some time. This does probably not matter much
> on fast machines, but on a slow system the user has a black
> screen for about a minute and does not know whether the system
> has crashed or is still alive.

Yes, it is updating the available file... I noticed this as well.  It
would be nice to print something before the "updating available file"
message is printed.  Let's clone this bug and reassign it to
base-config (sorry, Joey, I'm not sure whether it's base-config or
another program which does this).  Hmm, okay, it is lib/menu/apt-setup...
strange, it prints "Updating \"available\" file..." pretty much at the
beginning, so maybe another program is running before?

Oh, okay, I'm just doing a test run... the available file message is
actually displaye quickly, but the long delay where nothing is shown
is between running apt-get on the normal APT get lines, and doing it
for security.  It seems "apt-cache policy" takes quite a while.  Maybe
a message can be shown before doin that.

Another occurance of a delay is before:

Reading Package Lists... Done
Building Dependency Tree... 95%
The following NEW packages will be installed:

> Normally all dialogs are displayed in color on my terminal, but
> tasksel comes up in black and white. Because of this, it is
> impossible to determine which button is currently selected and one
> has to select <finish> or <abort> blindly. The highlighting of the

Is this still there?

> After base-install has finished, there is no getty on the
> serial console, so a login is not possible. The build was done
> with the patch posted on debian-boot in message-id

This has been fixed.
Martin Michlmayr

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